Task office seating for contemporary design workstations

You need to supply swivel chairs for call center, an operational room for stock traders, CAD operators, television studios or video / audio editing workstations or an operational or management office giving a touch of originality to this environment and you do not know which adjustable chairs or armchairs to use? Leyform seating solution are in accordance with EN 1335 1-2-3 TESTS and use a fire-retardand upholstery giving to our ergonomic office chairs the ability to used into any environment giving a touch of originality to it. Leyform's seating solutions are placed in offices and workstations where it is required the presence of

Office chairs that enure a "custom" posture for call centers and workstations

As well as to perform all these actions are essential tools that adapt to the physicality of the user (eg. the correct footwear for the sport, the right mattress to sleep, etc .), even to sit you need a help guaranteeing a "custom" posture tailored to the anthropometric characteristics of each individual; it is estimated that a loss of one-third of the efficiency is due to poor posture resulting in discomfort for those who sits on video-workstations. Call center operators, workstation with monitor display screen ( like for video or audio editing workstations and for stock traders ) are forced all day on office chairs and armchairs and are the most affected, in their fall performance work, because most affected by poor comfort and / or lack of proper ergonomic armchair.

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