Community stacking tables with castors, tables for waiting areas

When is a folding table more than a table? When it is a Leyform multi-purpose table! Because sometimes you need your table to be a workstation, a training table, a canteen table, a waiting table, etc... Or a waiting table to grab coffee with a customer, visitors, etc... Versatile Leyform tables are easy to move because they use castors, are stackable with folding legs or by a folding top. Today work moves fast; Leyfom's multipurpose table are a smart way to keep up with it!

Multi-Purpose tables for community areas

Multi-Purpose tables system by Leyform is formed by stackable and nesting tables; with the ability to be moved easily from room to room with them you can quickly create functional spaces that are at once elegant and functional for

The various sizes and finishes available are designed to fit every need of space and furniture. All tables for community centres use 5 years guarantee on all mechanical parts.

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